About Us

Go-Database is a business-to-business database provider. We give a business-related database that can be utilized to boost your marketing campaign and increase the quality of leads you obtain.

Why Go-database?

Go database offers you a fresh and accurate b2b database to help you generate high-quality leads.

We recognize that your company’s requirements are unique. Our adaptable and tailored datasets, as well as our B2B data consulting services, offer to lay the groundwork for every stage of your company’s development. We customize our database to your requirements, not the other way around! As data supplier, marketer, and data provider you can rely on our great data-driven relationship.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with structured company datasets that enable you to easily explore business opportunities anywhere in the world, verify and approve companies that are financially stable, regulatory compliant, and achieve the highest lead scores, contact the right people at the right companies at the right time using account-based marketing in each channel, and exponentially grow your business.

Our Values


We update all company information daily and we validate each listed email address every 90 days to guard you against the consequences of using obsolete data


We record updates listed businesses are going through, assuring that you don’t miss changes meaningful to your company’s activity


Company profiles are compiled from hundreds of sources, structured and segmented clearly for efficient use, compliant with GDPR and other legal acts


We use official, reliable and trustworthy sources only so that you could use the information without any concerns about either accuracy or legality


We value your success and strive to help you achieve it through dedicated support and guidance while building long-term business relationships