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Continuously Expand Your Total Addressable Market (TAM)

At, we understand the power of data in driving business growth. Our partnership with SalesIntel provides you with a reliable source of B2B contact and company data, boasting an impressive accuracy rate of 95%. With our data, you can supercharge your business, identify the right prospects, and drive revenue like never before.

We are dedicated to helping you tap into your entire B2B market. Research suggests that most businesses only reach 40% to 50% of their potential customer base. There are untapped sources and social channels waiting to be explored. empowers you to connect with this hidden market.

Key Data Services:

Enhance your database with up-to-date and relevant information to fuel your marketing campaigns.

Over 100 Million Business Profiles

Our extensive database boasts 100 million business profiles, encompassing large corporations to small enterprises, ensuring global accuracy and continuous growth.

70 Million Decision Makers’ Email Addresses

Access over 70 million meticulously verified email addresses of key decision makers.Ensuring your CRM is up-to-date and enabling you to engage with prospects through verified emails.

50 Million Decision Makers’ Direct Dials

Connect with 50 million B2B decision makers via direct dials, transcending remote work limitations and ensuring you reach your prospects anytime, anywhere.

35 Million Full Company Profiles

Whether you have specific companies in mind or are exploring potential clients, our database of over 35 million full company profiles allows you to discover and engage with your future customers.

Coverage in 195 Countries Worldwide

With a global reach spanning 195 countries, we offer a truly international and comprehensive perspective. Access a world of business opportunities with our extensive coverage.

Our Data Spans Across 68 Industries & 157 Sub-industries

Our data spans 68 industries and delves into 157 sub-industries for precise, targeted coverage. Discover the insights you need for success in your specific field.

List by Country

Reach your target B2B audience in specific countries and regions, ensuring precise timing.

List by Industries

Opt for industry-specific lists for precise targeting, reducing resource wastage and reaching ideal prospects.

List by Job Role

Customize campaigns for specific job roles, acknowledging varying needs and decision-making authority.

Specialty Mailing List

Select from 65,000 unique specialty lists, offering attribute-based data filtering flexibility.

List by Technology

Our Technology Users lists reveal customer intent data for cross-channel marketing strategies based on tech adoption and install-base.

Verify & Deliver Accurate Data

We prioritize data accuracy, regularly verifying and updating our data to ensure you reach the right audience. Our data is sourced legally and adheres to strict quality standards.

Contact Intelligence – Overview

Customize your data with exemplary intelligence fields to gain insights based on your campaign’s nature and goals.

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