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At Go-Database, we offer a comprehensive range of data-driven solutions designed to meet your business needs and drive success.

Data Appending Service

Enhance your existing database by appending missing or incomplete information such as email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, or demographic data. Our data appending service enriches your data, making it more valuable and complete.

Data Cleansing Service

Ensure the accuracy and quality of your data with our data cleansing service. We identify and correct inaccuracies, remove duplicates, and update outdated or obsolete information, resulting in a clean and reliable database.

Email Appending Services

Boost your email marketing campaigns by appending business email addresses to your customer database. Our B2B email appending services connect you with industry-specific decision-makers and key contacts, expanding your reach and driving better results.

Phone Append Services

Enhance your contact database with accurate and up-to-date phone numbers through our phone append services. Reach your target audience via phone calls or SMS marketing with confidence, knowing you have reliable contact information.

New Business List

Stay ahead of the competition by accessing our new business lists. Identify recently established businesses and startups that align with your target market. Our new business lists provide valuable leads for sales, marketing, and partnership opportunities.

SIC Code Mapping

Make sense of industry classification with our SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code mapping services. We categorize businesses based on their industry type using standardized codes, allowing you to segment and target specific industries with precision.


How We work


Data Identification

Determine the specific data attributes needed for your B2B data collection, including company name, industry, job titles, contact info, and other relevant data points aligned with your business goals.


Source Selection

Choose reliable sources for B2B data collection, such as business directories, industry publications, trade associations, and professional networking platforms. Consider data providers and trusted partnerships to access comprehensive and up-to-date B2B data.


Data Collection and Validation

Collect data from selected sources using methods like web scraping, manual research, API integration, or data purchase. Validate the data’s accuracy and reliability by verifying contact details and cross-referencing multiple sources.


Data Organization and Maintenance

Organize collected B2B data into a structured format suitable for your database system. Categorize and segment the data based on criteria like industry, location, or job function. Regularly update and maintain the data to ensure accuracy and relevance.

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